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  08-18-2019, 08:05 AM

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  GK PW Faction Event
Posted by: JaXm - 03-15-2016, 11:17 AM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (8)

WHEN: Friday 3/18/16 @ 8PM EST 
WHERE: Persistent World MB Mod

Alright everyone. We have been starting up on PW again now that there is a decent server being run. Alot of us have been playing it lately but I think it is time for an official GK presence to be shown. 

So, we will be running a GK faction on Friday. Please Read the Rules

***Wear your GK tags with pride!***

If you want to go in and do crafting, serfing, etc that is fine. But our main focus will be the fighting aspect of the mod. We will hopefully engage in several good sized wars and bring back tons of loot!

Throughout the day, I will be serfing and crafting our castle to prepare it for this event. I will also be able to supply gold to any newcomers to the mod as well.

You are free to choose whatever class or gear you want. The only thing I ask is to follow orders. If we say all rally to this castle, I expect to see everyone at that castle and not fighting eachother somewhere else!

Normal rules apply for this event, follow the code of conduct, no teamkilling, etc.

Note: This is not a GK server so their rules on racism, etc are very non-existant. Please do not encourage or participate in any such things, nor should you call them out on it. Just ignore it

Hope to see you all there!

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  Siege Event (Good Old Fashioned RP)
Posted by: Marquis - 03-01-2016, 12:12 AM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (22)

Italics Indicates RP

(Parenthesis Indicate "Aside" comments)

*Indicate Actual Rules*

Date Finalized: March the 11th, @ 9est

Commentators: Gwaebloom and Kr8dle

Twitch Channel: *Information Forthcoming*

King: Gowe (Backup: Queen/Goddess Zealots)

Royal Commander: Leonidas (Backup: Sparhawk)

Rebel Leader: Snoop (Backup: NatebesoSavage)

Rebel Commander: Cru (Backup: CDJrxx)

A shadow moves across the Golden Kingdom. The trees grow bare, the animals quiet, the nights watchful. Unrest is on the wind. Rumors reach the Golden Capital of a dark threat, a menacing force. Trade from the outlands has been cut off. Brigands appear on the Kingdom's roads without warning, a mysterious, yet somewhat familiar banner used as their excuse for pillaging. The forces of the Kingdom are stretched thin, as the Golden generals attempt to discover the root of the scourge invasion.

It did not take long.

(OK Y'all, I am looking to start another siege event, similar to one we had a month or so. This time, I'm going to get the announcement out a bit early, and will be pulling a lot of strings to make sure this event is a big one. Obviously, pubbers and GK friends will be allowed, but I am guessing I personally may be able to involve as many as 40-50 different people by myself. While siege may be dead for a great majority of the time, it still provides venues for events which TDM simply can't handle. I will not be participating or leading the actual event, but rather coordinating/managing the steady supply of people we will probably have join us.)

*All GK invited, regardless of rank*
*Anyone looking to take an involved part in the RP must be in ts*
*All standard GK rules will be in place during this event, ie no tking, bigotry, etc*

Was he an exiled noble, a dissatisfied knight, a revolting commoner? His origins were unclear, yet his goal was evident. He intended nothing less than domination of the Kingdom's lands and revenue. Hailing from the far north, he had rallied a coalition of other rebellious nobles, foreign mercenaries, and savage barbarian tribes, and brought them to bear against the castles of the Golden Kingdom. Surrounded by a core group who never spoke save to utter death threats, his presence was said to terrify the most stalwart of knights.

(We will have the majority of the GK defending each castle, with a select person leading a rebellion on the attacker side each map. Pubbers will be forced onto the attacking team as the "Savage hordes", so it should be something ideally Defenders 2:3 Attackers, to compensate for skill/numbers. If one side is consistently winning, then it may be possible for some loyalists to "defect" to the rebellion, or for some rebels to be "bribed" onto the loyalist side)

His first stop was the Court's summer residence- Kyoto Palace. This ornate palace housed valuable antiquities, yet was guarded by the Kingdom's finest. The forces of the Golden Kingdom gathered all available forces in the area in order to combat their mysterious opponent....

Map: Kyoto Palace
Factions: Kerghit Khanate Vs. Kingdom of Nords
Special Settings: Gold starts at 2500

The dark tide swept south, yet was soon halted again. A massive stone fortress, named Helm's Deep, stood along the Kingdom's highway. It would have to fall in order for the rebels to continue their march on the capital.

Map: Helm's Deep
Factions: Kingdom of Nords Vs. Kingdom of Rhodoks
Special Settings: Round timer extended by 30 seconds

Finally, the Dark Prince had reached his goal. Astride a massive black warhorse, he gazed across the moat at the last bastion of the Kingdom- Gowe's Castle. If this castle fell, the Kingdom would never be the same...

Map: Gowe's Castle
Factions: Kingdom of Vaigers vs Sarranid Sultanate
Special Settings: If Gowe attends this event, then the attackers win by killing him. If he chooses instead to flee, then the seizing of his banner will suffice.

Flushed with success (or wrathful in defeat), the Dark Prince returns/retreats to his mountainous stronghold. Soon after retiring, however, he is awoken to the sounds of battle outside! What forces remained to the Golden Kingdom had rallied in a last-ditch effort to overthrow him! The field outside the castle ran red with the blood of both knights and peasants... this would be the final battle.

Map: Rock Fort
Factions: Kingdom of Swadia vs. Kingdom of Swadia
Special Settings: Gold starts at 2500, if the Rebel leader dies the round ends. GK is now attacking, rebels are defending, but this almost turns into a TDM match, so it will give some pleasure to the TDM regulars who may attend (And to all those out there who really like great lances and coursers)

// End Role Play.

I'd appreciate this being posted/transferred to the announcement page as soon as possible, for the maximum amount of people to be informed. I am also looking for volunteers for these positions, if you don't feel like playing/have bad ping.

- Admins to swap pubbers over to the attackers side, and watch for teamwounding during the event (2)
- Streamers/recorders to record this event, one from the perspective of the rebel leader, and the other from the perspective of the GK leader (2)
- Volunteer for Rebel Leader (And Backup, in case something happens) (1)
- Volunteer for GK Commander (and backup, in case somethin happens) (1)

If we have too many people sign up for either of the leader positions, I'll probably pick the one that can RP the best.

Invite your friends, and plan your weekends around this date. Feel free to post any thoughts/comments below.

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  GK Civ 5 Match Sunday 17th @ 6PM EST
Posted by: JaXm - 01-15-2016, 08:29 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (7)

Hey guys, been a while since we did a Civ 5 round...

Looking to get started at around 7PM EST this Sunday! Reply to thread if you plan to attend!

*NEW* This match will be hosted using a PitBoss game hosting type! Differences from a normal match is it will be running directly from our dedi so the performance will be much smoother for everyone including the EU based players. If a player disconnects, it will not drop an AI in and will wait until they can reconnect again. This can also be left running in the background and you can setup steam/email alerts notifying when you can play your turn. So if we do not finish the match that night, we can continue on throughout the week!

Also, to accommodate this server, I have increased server resources by about 50% which I will be paying for myself... So please let's get a great turnout!

Match type and rules will be decided based on number of players and what everyone wants to play. Usually we run a FFA and let the politics work themselves out!

DoF_Darin *may* end up doing a twitch stream for it as well and he will be inviting other DoF members to attend as well, so we might even be able to do a GK vs DoF...

Please have ALL DLC as well!

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  GK Stack
Posted by: LBJ - 01-12-2016, 12:14 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (23)

Where:  US_GK_Siege
When: Wednesday, Jan 13 @ 9PM EST
Who:  GK & friends vs Pubbers
Maps: Dragonstone, Old Manor, Gowe's Castle, Ambush
Equipment: Any

First GK stack of 2016. GK will defend the first 3 maps and attack the last one. Gold & settings will remain the same except map polls will be disabled. This is for GK & friends vs pubbers. Anyone is welcome to join the GK side but you must be on TS, those not on TS will be joining the pubs. To make it easier on our admins and prevent yourself from being team switched, please use the same name on TS and in game. Regular GK siege server rules apply, anyone trolling or being disruptive will be removed from the event.

This will be happening tonight at 9PM EST.

See you there!

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  Steam Warning - Important
Posted by: JaXm - 12-25-2015, 06:29 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (7)

Hey guys, steam was acting up for me today for a while, then I noticed this article -

Highlights that are important you should know about:

Update: Some users are now reporting being able to log back into Steam, but are finding themselves logged-in to someone else's account when they do so. According to multiple user reports, if you are logged-in as another user, you are able to view their credit card information, account balance and account name. Hundreds of users have reported issues over on the Reddit post - along with an official moderator claiming that Valve are working on these issues

Valve is now recommending that you do not log-in to any Steam website, app or community system until this issue is resolved. Steam Moderator indigenousOres said

As a precaution, Valve has now disabled access to the Steam Store and community features, to try and limit the amount of personal information that has been freely available.

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