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  03-26-2015, 09:54 PM

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  Switching Boxes
Posted by: Sparhawk - 03-23-2015, 06:17 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (3)

Servers and TS will be down for roughly 15 minutes while things are set up on the new box and the old is being closed down. When they come back up, you will have to add the warband server to your favorites list again.

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  UG MO siege event Sat March 14 at 8pm est
Posted by: kr8dle - 03-10-2015, 10:25 AM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (19)

Angry  UG MO 

This saturday I want you to make the most Ugliest character you can think of  and join me at 8pm till 9pm est on US_GK_Siege

Rules are as follows.

1. Your Toon must be Ugly
2. We spawn in as attackers without any weapons or clothes
3. We can only fight with items we pick up
4. Or names have to be a variation of UGMO (ugMooo, uggm0 so on and so forth)
5. This is a fun event not only for ourselves but also come out and show the community that GK siege is a fun place to play
6. Lastly There will be an UGMO vote only... where we choose the most ugliest face and winner gets a 20 dollar steam card!

Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

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  CTF Event 3/21/15 7 EST
Posted by: Lion - 03-06-2015, 04:07 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (21)

So Ive been thinking its time to make another siege event special event and this time I thought I should get your peoples opinions on what you want. I know it is early, two weeks from tomorrow, but I want to make sure we have enough time to get a full opinion and I also will probably be sleeping next Saturday due to coming home from a week of skiing in the Alps.   [Image: angel.gif] [Image: cool.gif] 

GK and friends siege stack: for those of you who do not know what this is, well, the name says it all. If we have enough people we will do a Gk and friends vs the pubs event, if not we will do some sort of Lillly Pillly event.

CTF event: Now that we have our own CTF server, thank you Spar!, we can go on and have some fun and show the public that its there.

DoF scrim: You guys have more experience with these than me, Ive been fighting with them for the last six months, but big scrim working with your fellow GK members against the DoF clan.

Edit, sorry for the mess up posting, blame theo.

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  GK CTF Server Up!
Posted by: Sparhawk - 03-05-2015, 12:00 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (9)

Our very own CTF server went up this morning! As of now it only has the default maps on it, but we will take care of that as soon as we can. Be sure to tell everyone you see, let's get it populated and added to peoples' favorites!

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  Capture the King - Sat, Feb. 21 @8PM EST
Posted by: girlie - 02-16-2015, 11:09 PM - Forum: Public Announcements - Replies (50)

Y'all are invited to attend the *** Capture the King *** event this Saturday, February 21, at 8PM EST.

What is Capture the King, you may ask? Well, instead of capturing the flag as we normally do on Siege, attackers attempt to capture the king. The king will pick one or two rooms in the castle to stay in and attackers try to kill the king within ten minutes. If they do, they get one point. If ten minutes goes by and the King survives, the defenders get one point.

For those elite infantry out there, we are seeking a king! Just think....
[Image: EmoticonAsdKing.gif]
Post your applications to this thread! The King (or Kings) will be announced by Friday night's Peasant Wars.

For those planning on participating in the event who don't want to be The King, I encourage you to add a suffix name yourself accordingly. For example, I could make my name, "Girlie_Kings_Guard"
[Image: guard.gif]

or, "Girlie_Kings_Assassin".
[Image: smiley-violent107.gif]

Claim your unique suffixes here, request maps, and plan your teams!

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