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  GK and Friend's Versus The Public
Posted by: Robert_Baratheon - 07-24-2014 12:14 AM - Replies (1)

Tonight we will be having GK and friends versus the public on our siege server. The event begins at 9:30pm Eastern and will last for three maps, a fourth maybe depending on how quickly the three previous ones go. All are welcome to the event, just hop in our teamspeak and defend the castles with us!

Map 1: Peasants and Kings by DBD
Defenders - Vaegirs
Attackers - Swadia

Map 2: Ronja by Thief
Defenders - Rhodoks
Attackers - Sarrinids

Map 3: Sacking of Suno by DBD
Defenders - Vaegirs
Attackers - Sarrinids

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  Wednesday Siege Event
Posted by: Robert_Baratheon - 07-20-2014 07:04 AM - Replies (2)

This week we shall be focusing on the reign of Ivan the Terrible, considered to be one of Russia's greatest conquers and responsible for the vast land that Russia owns today. During Ivan's reign he conquered many diverse empires and brought them under his rule. We shall be focusing on the Livonian War between Russia and the Polish and Swedish commonwealth. We will take on the roles of the Streltsy soldiers that fought under Ivan during his campaigns.

Map 1: First Snow then War by Romani
Defenders - Swadia
Attackers - Vaegirs

Map 2: Shackleton Ridge by Outlaw
Defenders - Rhodoks
Attackers - Vaegirs

Map 3: Snowy Motte by Madoc
Defenders - Khergits
Attackers - Vaegirs

Map 4: The White Bastion by Vendigr
Defenders - Swadia
Attackers - Vaegirs

Uniform and Equipment:
- Spiked Helmet
- Lamellar Vest
- Splinted Leather Greaves
- Leather Gloves
- Elite Scimitar
- Great Long Bardiche

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  Wednesday Siege Event
Posted by: Robert_Baratheon - 07-15-2014 04:14 PM - Replies (7)

This Wednesday we will be continuing our themed events by going into the Samurai era. GK's or anyone in teamspeak will don Samurai warrior tags and we will be playing as archers for the Khergit faction. The event will begin at 8:00pm Eastern time and will last for roughly three to four maps depending on how quickly they go. We will be playing as attackers for all the maps, as Wednesday is now officially the 'Attack Stack' night! If you have any questions or concerns just contact me on the forums or steam, thank you. Please give a wonderful thank you to Lion and Theotian, who helped me decide the maps and the theme for this week.

Map 1: Kyuto Castle by DBD
Attackers: Khergits
Defenders: Vaegirs

Map 2: Shrine of the Titan by Vendigr
Attackers: Khergits
Defenders: Sarrinid

Map 3: Dynasty Castle by Gwae
Attakers: Khergits
Defenders: Swadia

Map 4: Jiayuguan Fortress by Hiporcat
Attackers: Khergits
Defenders: Sarrinid

Player Loadout:
*We shall all be playing as Khergit Archers
-Eastern Helmet or Warbeads
-Eastern Armor
-Eastern Boots
-Leather Gloves
-Steppe Horse (If we do a cav rush)
-Khergit Bow
-Khergit Arrows

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  GK and Friend's Versus The Public
Posted by: Robert_Baratheon - 07-10-2014 05:16 PM - Replies (4)

Tonight we will be having GK and Friend's Versus the Public, sorry for the late post I have been busy today. As usual the event will begin at 9:30pm Eastern. All friends of GK are welcome to the event, and anyone who wishes to join us in teamspeak may also defend with us. Hope to see y'all there, pm me with any questions.

Map 1: Deliverance by Imperator Raffaele
Attackers - Sarranids
Defenders - Nords

Map 2: Bone Castle by Deaf Blind Dave
Attackers - Rhodoks
Defenders - Sarranids

Map 3: Esmir Castle by Vendigr
Attackers: Vaegirs
Defenders: Swadia

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  KPR Updated Schedule
Posted by: Kolakhan - 06-29-2014 11:31 AM - Replies (3)

KPR is approaching the end of it's second year as a Napoleonic Regiment. We continue to sponsor two events a week on Monday and Wed nights to which all GK members are invited. Our battle schedule has 7 events a week, one every night. We do play the North & South mod as well as Napoleonics in these events for you Civil War fans. We also have the Zulu mod running on our server for those who may want to join into a team battle against a "Zulu horde" for fun. Our TS is TX2.LeetTS.com:10044 and you can reach me on Steam for any additional info.

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  GK News
Posted by: CarefulDeath - 06-25-2014 10:07 PM - Replies (31)

After looking at the server resources there have been a few changes:

Server changes as follows:
A new Deathmatch and Battle server has been put up for public use.

The server for Deathmatch is called US_GK_Deathmatch and should use the NeoGK mod as with the Siege and Team Deathmatch server.

The server for Battle is called US_GK_Battle and should be using the ENL mod as some of our practice servers do.

Should current admins need the ENL mod, or those of you who wish to get it, This is a link to get the mod: http://www.filedropper.com/enl51514

The policies for Admining the Deathmatch are the same for Admining the Team Deathmatch and Duel servers that are currently active.

The policies for Admining the Battle server will be much like the above with some aforementioned tweaks.

As for other news, the Full Invasion server has been taken down as it was becoming fairly resource intensive. Due to the popularity of the mod and the enjoyment some members have with it, We are in talks with the Devs to see if it can be fixed.

All this was achieved by shifting around current resource allocations and thus the two new servers come at no extra cost in payment.

NeoGK Mod news:
Also the Public version of NeoGK will be available this upcoming weekend.

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  Toxic players are not welcome
Posted by: Sento - 06-13-2014 10:36 PM - No Replies

Just Recently as I am sure you are all aware there was an indecent of trolling which escalated resulting in 2 bans on the site. 1 total ban, and 1 ban from the public sections+GK forums.

As a community we have never really needed to post a general code of conduct or anything like that although GK I know has their own 'Golden Code of Conduct'. Frankly aside from saying no illegal posts it's almost common sense that if your going to be a Toxic person your going to get banned.

I have spoken with LBJ and Sparhawk and I will be making a general code of conduct for the public section and submitting it for the GK Lord's approval before I post it.

In the meantime please remember we are here to play games, discuss videos, anime, and 'songs that you keep on repeating for hours'... I am not saying you can't be sarcastic jerks to each other, but I am asking that you do not turn it into being 'Toxic'

If you have any questions, or suggestions please feel free to let any of the GK leadership, Wolflo, or myself know.

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  Server Maintanence
Posted by: JaXm - 05-14-2014 08:06 AM - Replies (1)

**Please Note**
This was posted under our WebHosting Server page. It *shouldn't* impact the actual server.
The only things that may be affected is the TS3 url and firedaemon CP.
Basically anything that relies on the webhosting aspect (which isn't much).
The TS3 should remain online, but anyone attempting to connect *to* TS during that brief window, may expierence connection issues.

Upcoming reboot @ 11pm PDT
May 13 2014 10:37:34 PM PT In response to a serious security problem in the Linux kernel that needs to be immediately addressed, we will be updating the kernel and other software on the machine hosting your service between 11pm PDT and 1am PDT tonight (May 13/May 14). This will cause a brief downtime for your service that we expect to last between 5 and 15 minutes.

Please accept our apologies for the short notice.

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  Server Outage
Posted by: JaXm - 04-27-2014 02:12 AM - Replies (6)

All servers are back online.

Update - 2:37AM

It would appear Internap has placed a null on our IP for whatever reason... So now need to wait for NFO to contact Internap to find out why, and to restore service.

I have the servers started, so as soon as the internet part gets sorted, they should pop back online automatically.

For now, I need to head to bed. Will update in the morning with anything further.

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  Good tidings about the map situtation
Posted by: LBJ - 03-23-2014 08:38 AM - Replies (16)

Greetings all, now that the leadership elections have ended I wanted to inform you all about the mapping changes that are occurring. Not long ago I had this idea to start a mappers guild within the clan. It got approval from the lords and is currently in the works. We have our own subforum in the NeoGK section where we'll be working thanks to Wolflo. So far theres 9 of us, 14 including the 5 lords. The purpose of the guild is to take care of all the mapping needs of the community. You can look forward to updated rotations and votable maps on all the GK servers, as well as a mod for our duel server in the near future which will have the teleport function for players interrupting duels.

In the past Deaf Blind Dave organized a lot of this and did a fantastic job, but we needed someone else to take over and myself and others have stepped forward to the challenge. I'll personally be fixing older maps in my spare time so we can bring back a few nostalgic ones, organize meetings over TS where the guild will vote on the rotation, test maps thoroughly before they're added, as well as offer our time giving new mappers advice or tips. Sly and myself are also working on a guide that will be sort of the standard that maps will need to follow in order to be put in rotation.

The reason I posted this as an announcement here for all to see, is because I also want to let everyone know.. GK members, other clan members, pubbers, and anyone else reading this, that we have a Map Feedback forum that you are all encouraged to use. It can be something as simple as letting us know you don't like a map due to the amount walking involved. Maybe it needs more or less entrances, or more anti bitch-cav measures, or more serious stuff like bugged props or exploits. This should help us greatly reduce the number of problem maps, as well as allow you all to have a voice in the matter.

I'd like to keep the guild somewhat restricted to mappers and lords only, but if any of you wish to get started in mapping, or want to offer the skills you already have, you can contact me through PM or steam. I have faith that this system will make the map process more efficient. Any questions or thoughts can be brought up in this thread.

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