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  Good tidings about the map situtation
Posted by: LBJohnston - 03-23-2014 08:38 AM - Replies (7)

Greetings all, now that the leadership elections have ended I wanted to inform you all about the mapping changes that are occurring. Not long ago I had this idea to start a mappers guild within the clan. It got approval from the lords and is currently in the works. We have our own subforum in the NeoGK section where we'll be working thanks to Wolflo. So far theres 9 of us, 14 including the 5 lords. The purpose of the guild is to take care of all the mapping needs of the community. You can look forward to updated rotations and votable maps on all the GK servers, as well as a mod for our duel server in the near future which will have the teleport function for players interrupting duels.

In the past Deaf Blind Dave organized a lot of this and did a fantastic job, but we needed someone else to take over and myself and others have stepped forward to the challenge. I'll personally be fixing older maps in my spare time so we can bring back a few nostalgic ones, organize meetings over TS where the guild will vote on the rotation, test maps thoroughly before they're added, as well as offer our time giving new mappers advice or tips. Sly and myself are also working on a guide that will be sort of the standard that maps will need to follow in order to be put in rotation.

The reason I posted this as an announcement here for all to see, is because I also want to let everyone know.. GK members, other clan members, pubbers, and anyone else reading this, that we have a Map Feedback forum that you are all encouraged to use. It can be something as simple as letting us know you don't like a map due to the amount walking involved. Maybe it needs more or less entrances, or more anti bitch-cav measures, or more serious stuff like bugged props or exploits. This should help us greatly reduce the number of problem maps, as well as allow you all to have a voice in the matter.

I'd like to keep the guild somewhat restricted to mappers and lords only, but if any of you wish to get started in mapping, or want to offer the skills you already have, you can contact me through PM or steam. I have faith that this system will make the map process more efficient. Any questions or thoughts can be brought up in this thread.

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  Practice tonight at 8 pm
Posted by: Hypolyta - 03-04-2014 05:29 PM - Replies (6)

We'll have practice tonight at 8pm on US_GK_Battle_ENL, password: practice. Training and a scrim, cigar and a waffle, bong and a blintz.

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  Announcement to the GK Membership
Posted by: chainsawpunisher - 03-03-2014 01:29 AM - No Replies

Kindly go to this thread and follow the instructions therein, fellow GK members.

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  Good news!
Posted by: Sento - 03-02-2014 05:54 PM - Replies (6)

Spoiler: Show

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  DoF's 4th Anniversary, Friday 2/28 7pm EST
Posted by: chainsawpunisher - 02-26-2014 07:48 PM - Replies (13)

The Defenders of Faith have invited us to join them on Friday for various mini-games with them to celebrate with things like "mini-siege, zombies, and perhaps just some large mixed team battles." We may reciprocate by doing a spontaneous Siege Event with them. Anyway, all are welcome, and it should be good fun. They want to start around 7pm EST, so we should begin assembling slightly before then. See you there!

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  2-25 Practice 8pm
Posted by: Hypolyta - 02-25-2014 11:17 AM - Replies (1)

We'll be having practice tonight as usual at 8 pm on US_GK_Battle_ENL, password: practice. I'd like as many MoB and Rabble as possible to attend, since we'll be refining some of the tactics we used in our recent scrim. As always, the rest of GK + friends are welcome and encouraged to come too, and we'll have a fun scrim component as well.

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  Practice tonight at 8 pm
Posted by: Hypolyta - 02-18-2014 06:39 PM - Replies (3)

Practice tonight from 8-10 or so. We'll be on US_GK_BATTLE_ENL, password practice, and go over some infantry and archer anti-cav combined arms tactics. Then we'll get a scrim going. See you there.

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  Sorry for Absence What's happening this weekend
Posted by: Sento - 02-13-2014 08:36 AM - Replies (2)

Hey everyone,
Sorry about being absent this week, this is around the time the big brass comes out and inspects everything so I have been stressed with that and unwilling to do much lol.

This weekend I will be gone Sat, but Friday and Sunday I am going to get our security plugins back up and running, as well as spoilers.

Also for anyone interested with RUST I am still messing with the loot tables to make a more primitive environment.

What this means is Primitive items are craftable, while modern weapons are not. Modern weapons can still be found, but I am making them more rare as well as not able to craft ammo, make them slightly more rare, and increase their values so when you do find them you don't feel like the 5 9mm ammo is going to really be worth it lol.

I am hoping they add more weapons but we will see as time goes on, once these changes are made I am going to start publicly advertising the server in addition to the 5-6 regulars that login every day.

I will let everyone know when the above items are complete.

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  Practice tonight at 8pm
Posted by: Hypolyta - 02-11-2014 07:20 PM - Replies (1)

We'll have practice tonight at 8pm on US_GK_Battle_ENL. Password: Practice. We'll be going over infantry and archer tactics, movements, and timing, then do a practice scrim. The ENL mod should now be working for me so we can choose from the expanded scrim maps when we get to that point. Hope to see you there.

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  Friday Event
Posted by: Veni_Vidi_Vici - 01-31-2014 05:55 PM - Replies (23)

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Happy Chinese New Year) Everyone!

Originally PW was scheduled for tonight 8-10:30 EST, but Miz (the admin running it got sick) and today's holiday was noticed so the event has changed.

In honor of the year of the horse tonight's event is "Mongol invasion" and is roughly themed on the rise of the mongol empire. There will be an attacking mongol stack of clan members. Six maps will played in total and khergits will always be attacking, with each other faction (and the khergits) having a turn on defense. To represent the increasing wealth of the horde and honor the traditional Chinese new year focus on prosperity, 500 gold will be added after each map and each khergit round victory will add 250 gold. We will be starting with 1000 gold as a result.

To be in theme it is requested GK members become the Golden Horde and take a Mongolian name. As an example I will be Golden_Horde_Temujin. Other clans are invited but please name yourselves after another group. Please post to claim clan names and usernames. (Odo, Kolakhan, Cormacc, Scooby, and Dusty, if you can come pm me your name as you will have special rules.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Mongol_states

The maps, and their defenders, in order are:

Unifying the Horde: Khergit Stronghold by Vendigr, Khergits Defending

Passing the Wall: Jiayuguan by Hiporcat, Rhodoks defending. (Shield use will be discouraged)

Raiding Parties: Peasant Village by Derpy Hooves, Nords Defending.

Taking China: Dynasty Castle by Gwae'ther Bloom, Vaegirs defending.

Pillaging the Silk Road: Temujin Castle by DBD, Sarranids Defending.

Reaching the West: 1078 Aqueduct by Blackcat, Swadians Defending.

The Hordes:

Golden Horde

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